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Friday, May 30, 2014

A "How to" Guide on setting up your Raising Karma page.

Log on to the Poker Gives web site:

Click on the “Raise It Up” chips

You will be re-directed to the “Raising Karma” Raise it up for Charity – Home Fundraising Page

On the “Raising Karma” Raise it up for Charity – Home Fundraising Page Click the “Login/Signup” Button located in the top right-hand corner.

Fill out the “New User Signup” section.
Then click the “Signup” button

You will be redirected to the following page.
Click on the Raise it Up for Charity section:

You will be redirected back to the Home Fundraising Page. Now Click on the “Join Campaign” button.

A pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to Join the Team. Click on that button.

The site will send an email confirmation. Go to your email and “confirm your email."

You can edit the description by clicking on the “Edit Description” button.
We suggest you delete the prize info, etc..
This is where you can set the parameters of your individual campaign.
(Go to the next sheet for more on editing your description)

You can increase the size of the editing window by clicking and dragging the triangle in the corner.

This is all of the information we recommend you keep for your personalized description.
Delete all of the details and prize information, as it was written for the campaigner rather than the donors

Personalize your page in your own words. Here is an example of an edited page. (Note: You are not required to match donations or do the Pokerthon concept. You can just ask for general donations to your campaign. It is your choice how you raise the money):

When finished editing Click “SAVE” at the bottom!!!

You can then go back and edit your description page to post your progress.

Other information:
It is very important that you hit the “PUBLISH” button on your page after you have completed all of the steps to make it live. 
You can now post your page to Facebook, Twitter or email it out to friends and family.
You can also upload a photo or video.

Logging back into your page
When you logoff and log back in, you will be brought back to the Raising Karma page.
You need to use the drop down menu where it says “Hello, Name” and select “My Campaigns”

Click the “Raise it Up” logo to be taken to your page.

Thank you for participating in Raise it Up for Charity!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Raise It Up for Charity

Poker Gives in conjunction with Poker Players Unite and Suckout Sports Wear are joining together to raise money for charity this summer. We will be running a fundraiser during the summer tournament season from May 27th through July 14th, 2014. We are looking for poker players anywhere in the world who would like to give back this summer and have a chance to win some cool prizes, along with all of the cash and bracelets you will be winning!

How it works

Poker Players Unite (PPU) has come up with a new and innovative way to combine our love of poker with helping others in need. We are proud to introduce you to The Pokerthon! The Pokerthon consists of the same rules you would see during a walkathon, however we have modified them to work on the live or virtual felt!

The rules for a walkathon are quite simple. Foundations look for people to participate in the event, and the participants look for people to sponsor or pledge a certain amount of money per mile they walk. Obviously, we won't be walking miles around the poker tables, but tournament players can use the blind levels they survive to raise money and cash game players can go by each hour played.

-  Since The Pokerthon is not held at only one location, this opens up the door for any poker player to participate and can be done either live or online!

-  Poker players will pick which tournaments and/or cash hours on certain days they choose and they will keep track of blinds levels and hours played. You can do this for as many events and/or sessions as you would like this summer. Players then get as many sponsors and pledges as they can for those dates. You may also just ask for general donations not tied to any play at all; it is your choice how you raise the money. 

-  The first step is to create a personalized donation page on Raising Karma, where you will keep track of everything. You can do that by clicking on "Join Campaign" on the Poker Gives campaign page. You will also use this page to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. that you are looking for sponsors/pledges/donations. Please make sure that you click "Publish" after creating your page, or your sponsors won't be able to find you and make online donations!

- If you are doing live updates via Twitter, please mention @pkerplyrsunite and @PokerGives in your tweets.

- Once you play an event you can post your blind levels and hours right on your donation page. People will be able to go right to your personal donation page and donate online or mail a check or money order.  You can use this sponsor sheet to keep track of who all of your sponsors are and to confirm they have paid.

- We will be awarding prizes for the top THREE players who raise the most money (*see rules that apply to prizes on Poker Gives website ). 


1st – 7 Day Mexican Riviera Card Player Cruise for 2 – December 7-14, 2014

2nd – 3 hours of poker lessons with 2012 October Niner, Jeremy Ausmus

3rd – A pair of Blue Shark Optics Sunglasses

The fundraiser ends on July 14th at midnight.  We will however, give everyone until July 21st at 5pm PST to make sure all of your donations have been collected.  The top three prize winners will be chosen based on the donation totals on their donation pages at 5:01pm PST on July 21st.


Order your Raise it Up for Charity T-Shirt Today!

$20 + $4 shipping
Sizes range from S - 3XL ($22 + shipping for 2XL and 3XL) 
Material is 100% soft-style ring-spun cotton - these are super soft and comfortable
25% of all profits will be donated to Poker Gives

Click here to order at SUCKOUT SPORTS WEAR 
If you have any questions regarding the t-shirts please email: evan@suckoutsportswear.com

Rules and Restrictions for prizes:  

Card Player Cruise – Prize is an inside cabin for two people including taxes to the Mexican Riviera December 7-14, 2014. The cabin can be upgraded.  Winner may apply the value as a credit toward another cruise within a year. Prize is non-transferrable.  

Poker Lessons with Jeremy Ausmus – Lessons will be completed in 1 hour segments via phone or Skype.  Lessons expire July 21, 2015. Prize is non-transferrable.  

Blue Shark Optics Sunglasses – Winner will receive a pair of Sailfin Sharks. They are non-exchangeable.

Address for check donations:
Poker Gives/Nevada Community Foundation
1635 Village Center Circle, Suite 160
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Tax ID:  88-0241420

Have questions? Please contact TeamPPUinfo@gmail.com or sassy@pokergives.org

Monday, March 24, 2014

Toytle.org Pokerthon (Benefiting Phoenix Children's Hospital)

TeamPPU members, Brian Lindsay and Rick Blumenthal will be teaming up with Toytle.org to help raise funds and awareness for Phoenix Children's Hospital.  On Friday 4/18 and Saturday 4/19, they will be hosting a pokerthon. What is a pokerthon?  A pokerthon uses the rules of a walkathon, but instead of walking miles, they will be using the blind levels during a poker tournament to raise money. After we win or bust out of our respective events, we will announce the blind level reached and then our sponsors will make their donations (i.e. you sponsor Rick for $1 per blind level and he busts level 5, you make a $5 donation).  Both Brian and Rick are looking for sponsors to either pledge per blind level they reach or make a one time donation.  We ask that all sponsors make their own donations to PCH via their website or by mailing a check.  Anyone who wants to play along with us, or wants to be a sponsor should contact us through Twitter @TeamPPU.  We will provide you forms, or sign you up as a sponsor.  You just tell us which player you want to sponsor.  

Confirmed list of players:
Brian Lindsay
Rudy Schultz
Jacob Roybal
Frank Valgenti
Rick Blumenthal

For the complete rules of the pokerthon, please go here!

To make an online donation, please go to PCH's website.
Please include "pokerthon" somewhere in your online donation/check so we can track everything.

 About Phoenix Children's Hospital

Phoenix Children's Hospital has provided hope, healing, and the best healthcare for children since it was born in 1983, and has grown to become one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country.
With a Medical Staff of nearly 1,000 pediatric specialists, Phoenix Children’s provides inpatient, outpatient, trauma and emergency care across more than 70 pediatric subspecialties, the most comprehensive pediatric care available in the state. The Hospital’s six Centers of Excellence have grown in size and expertise to place them on par with some of the most prestigious of their kind in the US:

To meet the needs of our growing community, Phoenix Children's continues to expand, adding new physicians, staff, programs and facilities. Specialty and urgent care centers in high growth areas of the Valley and across the state serve the needs of patients and families in their own neighborhoods.
Today, the most visible evidence of growth is a new 11-story tower on the Hospital’s main campus, which offers a comprehensive, family-centered hospital that allows our doctors and nurses to deliver expert care and healing to our community’s youngest patients.

At each location, in each doctor, nurse, technician, staff member and volunteer, you’ll see the difference in a Hospital that’s 100% for children.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Poker Bankroll App

"The simplest way to track how much money you are winning at poker"
We are now a PROUD affiliate of My Poker Bankroll!  It's a free download for the iPhone, which includes 3 free charts.  There are 9 total charts that you can use, but you must purchase them through the app store.

This app works perfect for Texas Hold'em & Omaha, cash game or MTT/SNG players!  It is very easy to use as you put in your buy in amount, and then after your session is over, you type in how much you left with. It does the rest for you!

Go here to get the app today!

World Tavern Poker Online Championships begin March 21

$3,500 WSOP Package Grand Prize!
March 21 – May 25, 2014
Are you ready for a new and exciting World Tavern Online Poker Championship where you can win cash, free tickets to the OPEN 18 and a $3,500 WSOP package including a $2,500 seat and $1,000 in travel! AND THE BEST PART IS THAT IT IS EASY TO QUALIFY!

        (if you sign up incorrectly you may not be eligible to participate)

  •  If you have an account with WSOP prior to March 10th, 2014, then you are fine. BUT if you do not use one of the WTP Online links after this date, you will not be eligible. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

  • Log on to WorldTavernPoker.com and go to the My Profile page.
  • Simply enter your WSOP Username and Email address (that you used when signing up)
  • This allows us to submit qualifier lists to them. If your profile is not updated, you will not be on the qualifier list for the Finals.

  • Tournaments: World Tavern Poker will be hosting 2 qualifying tournaments each week on WSOP.com. These tournaments will be held each Sunday morning at 11am (est) and at 9pm on rotating weeknights (see schedule below).
  • Cost/Payout: Each tournament is $5 + $.50 to play with a 100% cash payout with the top 15% being paid. This means that if there are 100 players, the prize pool is $500 with the top 15% finishing in the money!
  • Point System: The Top 20 players earn points in each tournament. 1st place = 20 pts, 20th place = 1 pt.
  • Online Finals Qualifiers: Earn 20 points cumulative over the 8 weeks (16 tournaments) will be eligible to play in the Online Finals.
  •  Last Chance Tournament: Earn at least 5 points cumulative will be eligible to play in the Last Chance Tournament. See how easy this is?

  • The Online Finals: This tournament will be a 100% payout to the Top 15% finishers, BUT WITH A TWIST!
  • The Final 8: The Top 8 players will win WTP OPEN TICKETS (to either Vegas or AC) and will play LIVE AT THE WORLD TAVERN POKER OPEN 18 for the Grand Prize along with 2 qualifiers from the NJ Regional Championships!
  • The  Finals: This tournament kicks off on Sunday May 25th @ 11:00am with all players starting with an even stack! WINNER TAKE ALL!

QualifierFriday, March 21, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, March 23, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSaturday, March 29, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, March 30, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierMonday, March 31, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, April 06, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierTuesday, April 08, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, April 13, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierWednesday, April 16, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, April 20, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierThursday, April 24, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, April 27, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierFriday, May 02, 20149:00pm est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, May 04, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
QualifierSunday, May 11, 201411:00am est$5 + .50World Tavern
Semi FinalSunday, May 18, 201411:00am est$5 + .50Qualifiers Only
ChampionshipSunday, May 25, 201411:00am est$5 + .50Qualifiers Only