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Poker Players Unite (PPU) has come up with a new and innovative way to combine our love of poker and helping others in need. We are proud to introduce you to The Pokerthon! The Pokerthon consists of the same rules you would see during a walkathon, but we have modified them to work on the live or virtual felt!

The rules for a walkathon are quite simple. Foundations look for participants to participate in the event, and the participants look for people to sponsor/pledge a certain amount of money per mile they walk. Obviously, we won't be walking miles around the poker tables, but tournament players can use the blind levels to raise money and cash game players can go by each hour played.

How it works:
Since The Pokerthon is not held at only one location, this opens up the door to be a nationwide event and can be done either live or online!

1. We would try to get as many participants (poker players) to play for a predetermined foundation on a predetermined day.

2. Poker Players Unite would provide them with the forms they need to keep track of their sponsors/pledges.

3. The players would get as many sponsors/pledges as possible and then send the forms back to PPU by selected date We would then keep track of everything here.

4. On the day of
theevent the players would go out and play their respective events and keep their sponsors up to date via FB, twitter, etc. Once they bust out or win, they would tell their sponsors how many blind levels they lasted and how much they owe.

5. The pledges/sponsors would then send a check
topredetermined foundation, or make an online donation . They would include the word Pokerthon somewhere so we can keep track of how much was raised. This would also cut out the gray area of having to show where the money went. The players, PPU, and the other teams should not handle any money at any time.                                                                                                                                                                    

With our idea, even if the player doesn't cash or win, they are still raising money for a good cause! It's a win/win for everyone involved! Plus the players can get creative and give away prizes to the top sponsor, do prop bets or last longer bets with other participants.

Monthly Online Poker Tournament

We are very excited to announce our partnership with New Jersey online poker site, 888NJ!  Starting Sunday, January 8, 2017, we will be running a monthly event the second Sunday of each month.  This event will only be open to players who are physically located in the state of New Jersey.  

Online Poker Tournament Details:
2nd Sunday of each month
8pm start (Players MUST be in NJ to play)
$10 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy (Unlimited Re-buys available for 60 mins: $10 for $3k chips)
Starting Stack: $3k
Blind levels: 5 Min
1st$215 Tournament Ticket
2nd$55 Tournament Ticket
3rd$30 Tournament Ticket
4th$30 Tournament Ticket
5th-11th$10 Tournament Ticket

**Tickets will be awarded within 48 hours***
**All buy-ins from this event will be donated to that month's foundation**

Players or Foundations can contact us for more info!

This event has been suspended until further notice.

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